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Home 7 | Just how much can you fit: storage ideas for small spaces

Organised storage, handy for display or stowing away

The most important part of a well-organised home is having a place for everything. Whether you show it or hide it, the key is that you can always find it.

936 sheets of music

“Important papers.” Somewhere in almost every home is a pile of documents just yearning to be organised. The good news is that a smaller drawer unit like HELMER can be a real help. Each drawer has a slot for a label, so you can put things in their place and find what you are looking for in seconds, while castors mean you can wheel it wherever you please.

7 mouthpieces, 4 harmonicas, 18 singles and 12 sets of strings

When creating a home for your collections, you can really make storage work for you. The KLÄMMEMACKA desk organiser goes beyond its usual job description in this home, storing smaller music-related items. With different compartments of varied sizes, it’s a musical toolbox ready to jump into action when a string snaps.

15 journals (plus thousands of memories)

What happens to the things that you know you'll need one day, but not on the regular? Rather than pushing them to the back of a cupboard, you could consider a KUGGIS storage box or two. They’re lidded, which not only protects your possessions from dust, dirt and damage, but also makes them stackable. The KUGGIS series come in an assortment of sizes and colours to suit both your home and whatever it is you're storing.

14 winter tops or 6 chunky jumpers

Rolling is the new folding. Not only does it optimise the space you have available, but it keeps wrinkles and creases down to a minimum. It’s a great trick when you’re travelling and works just as well when packing away seasonal clothing or bedding in a SKUBB storage case. Store yours under the bed or in your wardrobe and pull out just as easily the next time you need it.

23 nail polishes

What colour will it be today? The multi-level SAXBORGA storage box has been designed to hold virtually all the small things you use often, like nail-care products, make-up, jewellery or contact lenses. Not only can it be picked up and moved around the house, but it also comes with its own cork-mounted mirror for anytime-anywhere lipstick checks.

A home for all your things

Pack all your bits and bobs away in any one (or three!) of a wide assortment of storage boxes and baskets. Big or small, round or rectangular: if you’ve got something to store, there's a just-right spot for it.

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