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Home 9 | Studio on the move: a flexible living area in an open plan apartment

The arena of fierce chess battles, series binging, novel devouring and dinner gobbling. Welcome to the hardworking heart of this family of four’s home: their ultra-flexible, configure-which-ever-way-you-please living area.

Putting the home in homework

Annette: Hello! With this home, I wanted to show a more unconventional living space, so designed an open plan loft for a family of two teens and their parents. It’s a super lively and practical space, but with some clever design tricks, they still have space for themselves.

A personal collection

A truly practical, storage-centric home, their living area still feels inviting. Warm accents of green and soft textiles do the trick, but the gallery wall of art and photography adds an extra layer of intimacy.

“You don’t need to have less stuff to create an organised living area - you just need to find a dedicated home for all your belongings.”


 Annette Ydholm
 Interior designer

Oh so cosy

Load up a tray with mugs of hot chocolate and bowls of snacks and find yourself a cushioned spot to lounge. Ah, now doesn’t that sound lovely?

From dinner to dealing

A board game? A puzzle? Take your pick. This dining area can gear up for the family’s next board game tournament and the tray table holds all the essential drinks and snacks – easy to carry across to the kitchen when the fun and games are over.

What are we watching tonight?

While being on an outdoor adventure tops their list of favourite activities, for this family, a movie night is a close second. Rugs and cushions up the cosiness, while their modular sofas make it a breeze to reconfigure the space for optimal viewing on their projector and are just as simple to move back when it’s time to call it a night.

Time to press play

The projector is in place, there’s a toasty throw across your legs and a delicious drink in your hand. All that’s left to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

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