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Home 8| The best of both: a colourful shared living-sleep area

When there just isn’t enough space for a conventional setup, creativity quickly becomes your best friend. Divide up the living room with fabric, introduce some lightweight, multi-purpose furniture, infuse with a whole lot of colour and pattern and this is where you’ll land: a welcoming and fun space where sleeping and socialising can coexist in harmony. Making do? More like making magic!

Best of three

Softly divided down the middle with a luscious array of indoor plants, the shared living zone in this room is just for that – living! Lightweight, mobile and multi-purpose furniture makes it easy to flip the function of the space or make some extra room when the gang pops over for an impromptu checkers tournament.

Want some planet and wallet-friendly furnishing tips?

Interior designer Chiara Effroi Lutteri has some knowledge to share when it comes to making a more sustainable home, dispelling the myth that living more consciously needs to be costly.

Colour is the word

While a lot of the furniture in this room is dark, you’d never describe the space that way. Bright pops of colour and warmth are brought through in the art on the walls and the soft, textiles – both patterned and plain – throughout.

Playful touches

Cosiness looks a little different to everyone. Maybe the combination of playful colours and soft textures is your idea of a good time. If so, lean into it!

That’s just so you

Pull the textile curtain aside and look: a zone dedicated to sleep and personal storage is revealed. IVAR cabinets offer a very practical clothing and shoe storage solution, with space above for hats and smaller boxes. But really, it’s those doors that steal the show. Embroidered into the metal mesh is a bright and unique geometric pattern, adding a lovely personal touch to an IKEA favourite.

Living more sustainably starts in the home

From shopping at As, there are all kinds of ways to bring some more sustainable thinking (and doing) into your home.

Step into another home

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