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IKEA Plan For You | The private oasis for the little princess

Iris lives in a one-bedroom apartment of about 300 square feet with her husband and daughter. The family had been sharing the same bedroom since the birth of their soon-to-be-5 daughter. The parents wanted to create a personal space for the little one to study and learn to be independent. However, they struggled with the limited living space and lack of storage. Therefore, they sought help from the IKEA team to turn their idea into reality, and to redesign the living and dining spaces to maximize the storage and their quality of life.


  1. The daughter didn’t have her own room or personal space. She spent most of her time in the living room, and her things scattered around the apartment.
  2. Due to the limited storage space, the apartment felt and looked cluttered with no dedicated spaces for the clothes, toys and other items.
  3. The couple love coffee, but could not find a spot to store the tools and accessories.
  4. Both working from home, the parents could not work efficiently with the cluttered desk.

Reclaim the neat living and dining areas

The redesigned rectangular layout divides the living, dining and work areas with a row of storage units and the pink wall. The combination of open and closed storages strike a balance between storage and style without feeling cramped, maximising the style and organisation in a compact space. The furniture, mostly in white, and the pink walls create give the living and dining areas a warm and bright touch.

The living area

The cabinet behind the sofa was reorganised to meet the needs of every family member. The daughter's toys and books are on the easy-to-reach open shelves, while the parents' documents and books are stored on the upper shelves. The rarely used items and clutter are hidden behind doors and kept in order with the organisers.

The glass-door cabinet shows off the collectibles that have been hidden in the drawers for years.
The trolley is perfect for snacks or small items. With the lid on top, it transforms into a moveable coffee table that can fit in the smallest space.
Make the most of the space under the sofa.

The dining area

The dining table can be extended to accommodate more guests, and the stackable chairs take less space when they are not in use. With the pegboards on the wall, it is easy to organise and display the coffee-making tools and accessories. With the family's artworks on top and the storage space below, the parents can enjoy a cup of great coffee at home anytime.

The workspace

The workspace is clearly defined with storage for office supplies around the desk to keep the space tidy and maintain top productivity. The decorations and potted plants on the low cabinet and open shelves nearby breathe new life into the space.

The boxes in the desk drawers keep everything organised and easy to find.

​A girl's dream bedroom in pink

The corner previously used as clothes storage was transformed into the daughter's room and furnished in her favourite pink colour. The easy-to-move storage boxes underneath the desk can keep the frequently used items in place while encouraging her to tidy up. The storage boxes under the bed also keep seldomly used items and toys organised.​

The extendable bed and adjustable desk can grow with the daughter for many years. The extendable bed can also be rotated and placed in the room, while the living room has ample space for the desk. 

As the open closet was transformed into the daughter's private space, a wardrobe with sliding doors now stands by the entrance. The clear sections for all family members make it easy to keep everyone's clothes and accessories in check, so the daughter can reach and choose her clothes and bags on her own. A sliding door with a mirror is also useful for the final check before leaving.

Recreate the look – piece by piece

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