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Your modern bathroom for organised and uncluttered family life

We created this modern bathroom for the medium-sized living space. It’s a stylish, very personal bathroom with a clever choice of materials and colours, organic wooden items for warmth, textiles to enhance the muted colours. The bath doubles as a shower, everything catering to individual needs in an uncluttered and well-organised space.

Bathroom washstands and handy storage for the whole family

This family-friendly bathroom has toiletry items on the washstand and hooks on the wall to hang towels and bags with easy access for kids. Add this modern bathroom cabinet for your everyday items and everything is in its place, with the muted colours of tiles, washstand and cabinets enhancing the clean feel.

Swivel shelf and fixed shelves together at last, what a bathroom team

This swivel shelf combines space-saving access with display for your perfumes and colognes. Turn the swivel shelf to view your whole selection while you choose which you’re in the mood for. Fixed shelves make a great home for cotton buds and towels, even a vase with greenery. A winning combination.

Optimise storage by building around permanent bathroom fixtures

We’ve built storage around the toilet and bathtub for better use of space and optimised access. Fixtures are there to start with, but the rest is up to you. The towel rail close to the bath means you don’t have to stretch for towels or bath robes, and there’s less chance of dropping them on a wet floor.

Bathroom cabinets that are complete, compact and neat

This bathroom offers spacious storage cabinets, holding everything for the whole family. Your boxes, towels, robes and baskets, all neatly stowed. A plant in a plant pot for some living freshness, placed in the windowsill to save valuable floor space. Compact, complete and fresh, this is a bathroom for life.

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