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How to create a parent-baby room everyone loves

When it comes to co-sleeping with your baby, giving them their own bed in your room lets you enjoy the best of both worlds. It’s why we’ve created this guide to setting up a shared space that caters to your growing family’s needs. We can’t promise you won’t have to get up in the night, but we can help make those moments snug and calm.

Safety first things first

If you’re a first-time parent, set some basics for your shared bedroom with safety in mind. Make sure the crib is away from the radiator and things that the baby could grab, and secure the furniture. Babies grow fast so get set for the not-so-distant future – check out our children’s safety guide for more support.

Go for simple crib comfort

Try placing baby’s crib near your bed so you can keep an eye on them without getting up. The safest position for the crib is against a wall, away from a window with curtains or blinds, and with no plug points or heaters nearby. Crib sheets made from soft 100% cotton are all they need for complete sleep comfort.

Let’s talk about sleep

And how to get more of it when not on night duty. Try a spring mattress with comfort zones or memory foam to minimize disruptive wobbles. Customizing your bedding with separate duvets and different pillows to suit individual sleep styles can also help with those all-important zzzs in the early months.

Clear the air

While you sleep, this discreet air purifier can make a big improvement in the air by filtering out dust and pollen. Your baby may also enjoy falling asleep to the soft sound of its gentle hum, but if that’s not for you, put it in super quiet sleep mode when it’s time for you to drift off. A win all round!

A corner for quiet moments

Create a sanctuary area for things like nursing, napping, or chilling out with your baby. The two of you can easily cosy-up in this spacious armchair – simply add smart storage to keep essentials handy. A comfort tip? Try a nursing pillow to support baby’s body and boost the feeling of warmth and security.

Light your activities with style

A mix of lighting will help add depth and atmosphere to the space, and direct light where you want it to be. It lets you customise the lighting for different moods or activities. Try a small dimmable lamp by the changing area to keep things sleepy during night changes so you can all easily settle afterwards.

Make space for you

This bedroom is as much for you as for your baby, so make sure to create an inspiring, tranquil space for me-time. Transform the bed with cushions in soft-toned colours and tactile textiles in neutrals. Against the calm grey, they will set such a peaceful vibe that you might find everyone else wants in too.

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