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Tips and ideas for waste sorting in the kitchen

Handling waste sorting in the kitchen requires handy and hygienic solutions that help you keep up with the everyday flow of recyclables, packaging, paper and organic waste. Here are a few tips for making it all a bit more manageable.

The main sorting station

Large containers like these waste sorting bins with lids are perfect for taking care of the bulkier waste from the kitchen – packaging of all kinds, glass, metal, paper etc. The large flip-top lids make them easy to access even with your hands full and the durable plastic is easy to keep clean.

Drop it where you’re standing

A waste sorting system that goes under the sink is always handy. The containers make separating recyclables and different kinds of waste quite easy. Just remember to shut the airtight lid on organic waste firmly – and empty often – to avoid unpleasant smells.

A proven classic

This traditional waste bin design looks nice enough to keep out in the open, which always makes it conveniently accessible. Line it with a plastic bag to make emptying easy, or simply use the sturdy handles to carry it outside when it’s full.

Recycling in reusable bags

Waste sorting bags – or even laundry bags lined with plastic – are also a practical alternative. Just grab them from their hook when they’re full and you’re off to the communal recycling station. It’s also convenient on your way home as an empty bag takes virtually no space at all.

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