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Product Comparison

You have of all 8 possible products to compare.

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Explore the jungle with a hedgehog-dinosaur

‘I have made a mix of a hedgehog, dinosaur and a monster. Kotten only eats fruit and has very good claws that are used for climbing in trees. It lives in the jungle or rainforest where there is a lot of tropical fruit and it likes a hot climate,’ says Kotten’s eight-year-old creator, Greta.

Fly among the clouds with Pink Unicorn

‘I drew a pink unicorn named Pink Unicorn who loves to fly in the sky. I hope other children in the world can play with my soft toy with me,’ says five-year-old Peixin.

Make mischief with the friendly Monster

‘I just wanted to draw something cool so I drew a monster,’ says Runar, 8. ‘His name is Monster and during the day he’s always saying something funny, teasing and joking.’

Swim the seas with a colourful shark

Nine-year-old Jimin says: ‘I drew a little shark because I love swimming and want to swim together with the little shark. During the day I think he is travelling under the sea.’

Make a splash with Unda the seal

‘My seal’s name is Unda,’ says Natalia, 8. ‘Unda is very friendly and when happy, pats her belly with a flipper. She can do a lot of funny tricks, such as flipping a fish on her nose. Fish are her best friend, for this reason Unda always carries one in her pocket.’

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