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Storage solution for common living room organising problems

Why the living room is getting smaller every day?
Find the answers to living room organisation here

An always occupied sofa? Reclaim your sofa by making small changes. Six storage tricks to free up the space!
Blankets your don’t need now
Keep them under the sofa!
Unfinished magazines
Let them stand by in a box!
Favourite jacket and accessories
Hang them up to save space!
Spare cushions and sofa cover
Fit under the table perfectly!
Loose papers and documents
Gather them vertically!

The cabinet top is overflowing with random items? Turn the surface into versatile storage space. 5 hacks to tame the piles!
No more peekaboo with your collection
A cool display!
Create synergy with storage products
Unleash the potential of open shelving units!
Your daily tea service
Move around in a trolley!
Small items that always disappear
Find them a nice and tidy spot!