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Textile ideas to create beauty at home

The IKEA SAMMANHANG We Love Home book is full of inspiration for transforming your home into a beautiful space. Textiles are an easy - and often sustainable - way to create change. From refreshing your bedroom with soft bedlinen to fabric DIYs, make time for textiles!
A bed dressed with layers of grey and white bedding.
A curtain made of knotted fabric hangs behind a table with a sewing machine on top.
Knit a textile backdrop
This looks more complicated that it is. Take textiles by the metre and do some gigantic knitting. Knit one, purl one. It's a fun and fairly easy way to create a unique room divider that also absorbs sound well.
A white bedroom with white bedding and sheer white curtains around the bed.
Create an extra room
Divide one big room into two, or screen off part of a room for added privacy by hanging some fabric. You can even turn your bed into a room within a room by screening it off with lightweight fabric tacked to the ceiling.
Cushions and a plant in a window seat.
Make your own sofa
In a window niche, why not create a sofa with a view? A foam mattress covered in fabric and a few cushions is all it takes.
A sheer curtain hangs across a window next to a metal cabinet.
Create a curtain from an upcycled bed sheet
Curtains can be super simple. For a sustainable DIY idea, take an old bed sheet, fold it over and attch to a rail with clamps. The fold-over creates a built-in pelmet.
Let a rug take centre stage
Why not design your room with the rug as the star? In this bedroom, the rug helps to frame the room like a textured tray for the bed.
Hang a soft door
You don't always want or have room for ordinary doors. And that isn't a problem, as you can use fabric instead. Textiles work in all rooms, they're easy to change and vary, and easy to wash. For this wardrobe idea, they simply hang on a rod, creating a lovely wrinkled linen look to match the shirts.
We love home
Get inspiration and tips for creating a beautiful home that reflects you. With easy-to-try ideas by interior stylists Emilia Ljungberg, Emma Lange and Emma Persson Lagerberg, and featuring seven very personal homes by art director and lead stylist Hans Blomquist, this book is one you'll want to come back to time and again. Good to know? "You don't need a lot of money to create a personal home."
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Made by
Interior designers: Emma Lange, Emilia Ljungberg, Emma Persson Lagerberg, Hans Blomquist
Photographers: Debi Treloar, Sandra Werud, Johan Månsson, Mats Ekdahl, Oskar Falck, Daniel Wester