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You have of all 8 possible products to compare.

Product Comparison

You have of all 8 possible products to compare.

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A wedding is the best of both worlds. Two people aiming for eternity, yet very much
here and now. In our take, we connect timeless ideals with the colours and materials
that tickle our fancy in spring of 2019.
A romantic table setting with white tulle draped over a round table and a vase with wild flowers and eucalyptus leaves.
A wedding curtain backdrop made from white cotton fabric strips that were tied to a TÄNKVÄRD rattan room divider.

One of a kind for two of a kind

The wedding arbour is the backdrop for lifelong memories. Here we’ve made it from blue and white, soft textiles. Once the ceremony is over, why not use it as a photo booth for your guests? The eucalyptus twigs (in the rattan basket) don’t just add a beautiful bluish green – the leaves are a welcome substitute for rice to shower the bride and groom with.
A wedding curtain backdrop made from white cotton fabric strips that were tied and knitted loosely like rustic lace.
A close-up of a handle of a big, round TÄNKVÄRD rattan basket filled with blue-green eucalyptus leaves.
IKEA interior designer Elin Stierna talks about wedding decorations made with reused and natural materials.

“A wedding is as special as it gets. It doesn’t mean everything has to be all-new. Reused and natural materials can instead help make the occasion even more unique and memorable.”

A white, festive round table with a bouquet of wild flowers in a glass vase, and white and blue bowls and plates.

Setting the table to set the mood

The blues and whites are echoed in the tableware, adding to the Mediterranean feel. The rest of the setting, with flowing textiles and generous floral arrangements, highlight the organic and sustainable elements of the theme.
Two white folding chairs draped with white and blue flower patterned BLÅGRAN fabric, standing next to a festive table.

Festive, foldable, functional

A big expression is even better when it’s practical. Drape foldaway chairs with meter fabric – naturally with a romantic pattern – to match the colour theme. Once the dinner is through, the setting and seating can be cleared in a flash to make room for everyone’s signature dance moves.
Four STORHET champagne coupes on a tray with tiny branches of small, wild flowers tied to the glass stems.

A feast for your eyes (and sweet tooth)

The day may draw to a close, but there’s still time to make an impression. Often an original idea carries further than buying new. See what you can do with the things you have. Like turning a chest into a different kind of dessert table, and presenting candy from a combination of glasses and plates (use adhesive to build high).
A grey chest of drawers with big glass jars and plates filled with cookies and candy on top of it and inside a drawer.
Festive compositions of plates, bowls and wine glasses glued on top of each other for a creative display of sweets.
We love to see our customers get creative with our products.
Go for it! But please note that altering or modifying IKEA
products so they can no longer be re-sold or used for their
original purpose, means the IKEA commercial guarantees and
your right to return the products will be lost.


Made by

Interior designer: Elin Stierna
Photographer: Fredrik Sweger
Writer: Henrik Annemark