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Let’s act to prevent Novel Coronavirus Infection


- Macau -

The safety and health of customers and employees are our top priority. While we monitor the latest development of the pandemic closely, the following measures are now in place to protect our customers and coworkers:

  1. In view of the latest pandemic situation in Macau, delivery and assembly services may be affected if the delivery address has following circumstances:

    • If the delivery address has been included in ‘Red code area’, the original delivery and assembly services will need to be re-arranged after the delivery address has been cancelled from the "red code" and "yellow code" areas;
    • If the delivery address has been included in "Yellow code area", the original delivery service location will be changed to outside the building for delivery, and the original assembly service will be cancelled after the delivery address has been cancelled from the "red code area". Re-arrange when the "Code" and "Yellow Code" areas are not available;
    • If the customer does not wear a mask when we deliver the goods to the address.
  2. Visitors need to show ‘Macao Health Core’ in the entrance.

  3. Hand sanitizers are provided throughout the stores for our customers and coworkers.

  4. To comply with the latest government policy, visitors need to scan the Venue QR Code displayed upon entering store using the ‘Macao Health Code’ application.

  5. All public areas and facilities, such as dining areas, lift buttons, escalator handrails, washroom doorknobs as well as handles that customers may touch will be cleaned and sanitized regularly and with increased frequency when needed.

  6. All frontline coworkers are required to measure the body temperature on admission to work on daily basis, they are also required to wear face masks at work.

  7. Apart from regular thorough cleaning and disinfection, store-wide disinfection and deep cleaning will also be carried out if any individual with confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis has visited.

  8. Starting from 18 February 2022, all products will be sanitized before being delivered to the stores or customers.

Please wear a mask in IKEA store and other indoor public areas in order to protect yourself and others. You are advised to stay at home or shop online if you feel unwell. If you have fever or any other symptoms, please wear a surgical mask and consult a doctor immediately, or call the government hotline at 2870 0800.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Let’s prevent infection together by performing hand hygiene frequently
Protect your good self, your family and Macau